Bowdoin College: Creating an Innovative Language Course Experience using InSpace

At Bowdoin College,  language courses are known to be fun, interactive, and dynamic. They involve group work and conversations with other students. And they require the ability for the professors and the students to move freely around the room, break out into groups, and then come back together as a class quickly and easily.

So when online learning became a necessity for Bowdoin College, language professors Davida Gavioli, Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies, and Katherine Dauge-Roth, Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, knew they needed to be creative to keep their Italian and French students engaged. They tried traditional video conferencing platforms, but found them to be rigid. Students were stuck in squares, unable to move around the room or even see all of their classmates all at once, making it difficult to interact, engage, and converse as a group. And moving into breakout rooms was difficult and took time away from meaningful student engagement.

But then the professors found InSpace, a video collaboration platform that allowed them to create engaging online experiences.

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