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InSpace is different from traditional video-conferencing platforms, as it is a platform built by educators for educators. Our mission is to cultivate engaging learning experiences that honor the human presence of teachers and learners in virtual environments by replicating the ways people interact and connect in physical classrooms. InSpace’s research-informed design, created with input from over 500 educators, gives teachers and students the freedom to move around the screen, to join side conversations, to enter and leave visually-connected breakout rooms at any time, and to collaborate effectively with peers.  InSpace helps to solve instructor challenges such as:

InSpace changes the game for instructors by providing video conferencing that is built for education from the ground up. It’s designed to address variety of challenges including the ones listed above - and to help them overcome the obstacles of more traditional solutions. And it fosters the students' need to connect with their classmates in a way that feels natural and organic.

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  • Explore this video with Michael Horn, host of The Future of Education

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