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The Digital Campus: Bridging the Digital Divide in Higher Education

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What exactly is “presence” in the digital age? How can campuses help humanize online learning environments and create opportunities for meaningful connection? 

Jared and Narine discussed how Canvas and InSpace are creating modern, digital campus solutions to address emerging student needs.

Their discussion examined the digital challenges higher ed faces today and the true meaning of a digital campus while identifying quick wins for future-proofing your campus.

Jared Stein smiles at the camera.
Jared Stein
Jared is VP of Higher Education Strategy for Instructure, makers of Canvas, the open learning platform. In this role, Jared engages with higher ed leaders and practitioners at colleges and universities around the world to figure out how technology can help education tear down barriers, build up learners, and inspire innovators. Before joining Instructure, Jared worked in higher education as a leader in online and blended teaching and learning for over a decade. He has helped departments develop fully online programs, implemented hybrid teaching initiatives, and adopt evidence-based practices. Jared is author of Essentials for Blended Learning: A Standards-Based Guide, now in its second edition.
Narine Hall, CEO of InSpace, smiles at the camera.
Narine Hall, Ph.D.
 Narine is the CEO and co-founder of InSpace. She is a data-driven entrepreneur and professor of machine learning, dedicated to harnessing the power of data and technology to serve the greater good. Her career has evolved at the intersection where the tech industry meets academia. A veteran of Wolfram Research, IBM Watson, a recipient of a Google Faculty Award and NSF grants, Narine believes deeply in the democratization of technology and AI, as well as beautiful user experiences. 

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