Building Connections in the Virtual Classroom: Best Practices and Strategies for Creating Context-Based Classroom Environments. This conversation will take place March 15th at 2 pm EST. It will be an inclusive conversation among experienced educators, showcased by a graphic connecting the headshots of all featured guests, along with a large InSpace host circle around a mirror, and the text reading 'join the circle', inviting the reader to join the conversation.
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Building Connections in the Virtual Classroom

Best Practices and Strategies for Creating Context-Based Classroom Environments

15th March 2023 | 2 PM EST


Join the Circle is a series of conversations spotlighting experts from all corners of the education space, recognizing that transformative virtual education starts with the experiences and vision of real-life practitioners. 

It's time for a new type of EdTech conversation that honors the context and craft of educators who embody the virtual education movement and the future of education itself. 

Join teacher-educators Nicole Barone, Ph.D., Anna Edison, MAT, and Christy Knott, MA. Ed., as they discuss the brain-based, research-backed pedagogy they’ve found crucial for building context-based virtual classroom environments that engage and support students. 

Nicole Barone smiles at the camera.
Nicole Barone, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of the new Online Master's in Education Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Anna Edison smiles at the camera.
Anna Edison, MAT
K-12 Instructor, Technology Trainer, and Instructional Mentor/Coach, Salem Keizer School District EDGE Online Program
Christy Knott smiles at the camera.
Christy Knott, M.Ed.
Health Education & Technology Education Instructor; Single Subject Supervisor, Notre Dame de Namur University

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